Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Alaska Web Dynamics offers a full range of web design services to achieve a polished web presence for your organization.  A wide variety of tools are employed to assist in webpage layout, content production, and graphic design.

Websites are created using HTML, the primary markup language of the web. In the web design process we build webpages combining HTML tags, metadata and a variety of scripting options to achieve the desired functionality of each page. Layout and appearance of the webpage is typically defined by cascading style sheets (CSS) within the website.  This combination of HTML and CSS defines how each page will appear in the browser.  The process of creating a legible & usable website across all popular browsers and devices is called Responsive Design.

More advanced content management systems (CMS) are often used to create the framework for the website and provide the client with an easy interface for editing the website going forward.  We primarily work with WordPress which by far the most popular publishing framework on the web.

Additionally Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics may be interwoven into the web design to help the resulting website to rank highly in organic searches thereby driving more traffic to the site.

A multitude of other more advanced features may also be scripted into the site to make for a better user experience.  Custom widgets, web forms, media queries, and database interactivity head the list.  We offer services to include all of the above.

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